Highcrest provides financing with a variety of payment options for qualified applicants. Using the most cost-effective method to purchase your roof should be a priority, not a stressor.

How Does It Work & How Do I Apply?

The process starts with a Quote from Highcrest for your project (Roof replacement or repair; Remodels; Interior or Exterior Paint, New Deck, Gutters, etc). Click on the “Get My Rates” banner to begin the simple application process. Hearth Financing will do a “soft” credit check, which means it will not go against your credit score by only doing the initial credit check. Your financing options will become available, and then you choose on your terms and how you would like to move forward with financing. And, there are no pre-payment penalties.

Don’t let money hold you back from making the critical home improvements you need. Call Highcrest today and we will help you walk through the process.

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